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Crossville Counseling Center, P.C.

Welcome to Crossville Counseling Center, P.C.

Welcome to Crossville Counseling Center, P.C.

Welcome to Crossville Counseling Center, P.C.Welcome to Crossville Counseling Center, P.C.

Why Therapy


Who should attend therapy?

Anyone who has acknowledged that change is needed and who are struggling with overwhelming, life-impairing circumstances.  At Crossville Counseling Center, P.C. anyone from age 5 to 105 is welcomed.  Men, women, children, adolescents, and families can exercise the opportunity to talk about their issues. 

What is therapy?

Therapy, psychotherapy, or counseling, whatever you call it, what you need is someone to listen to your story and help you discover what to do.  Therapy can be a great tool to find the answers for which you are looking but it can also be a scary time.  Therapy is like peeling an onion, there are many layers of which some will make you cry but the end reward is worth it.  Therapy is a time to talk; to think through choices made, learn how to talk to others in effective ways, and a chance to bring about a new beginning.  Therapy is more than just talking to a friend, it is talking to a highly-trained professional who can help you discover the reasons behind the choices.   It is talking to someone who can help you get to the root of your issues.  Some talk about the past, some the present, some the future, and still some have to work through a combination of all three.  Therapy can be a practical way to understand one's underlying fears, cope with traumatic memories, or begin to release some anger.  Talking through your issues can help you move your life in a clearer direction. 

Where is the best place to get help?

The best place to get help is where you feel comfortable.  You need to meet with your therapist and feel a sense of connection.  The process of therapy may not always be comfortable but you should feel a sense of trust and concern from your therapist. 

Why should I attend therapy?

People seek therapy for many different reasons.  Whether it is sadness, anger, fears/phobias, past abuse, current trauma, chronic mental health disorders, or something you can't even identify, therapy may be the best option for you.  You may have had someone else suggest that you seek therapy.  Some people are referred to therapy by the courts, schools, work, or even other loved ones.  You should take the time to ask yourself why that suggestion occurred.  Perhaps seeking therapy is the best option for you and for those whom you love. 

How do I take the first step?

Make the call.  At Crossville Counseling Center, P.C. you can call 931-456-8600 to make an appointment or you can go to the contact page and fill in information and a return call or email will be sent to you.  Most insurances are accepted and cash clients are always welcome.  Clients can usually be seen within a few days of the first call.